Spiritual Healing

How Spiritual Healing is Better Than Traditional Healing Techniques

Using traditional healing techniques to cure illnesses can sometimes be a difficult choice. Although the biomedical world may dismiss traditional healers’ knowledge as outdated, they have long held a special role in the healthcare delivery systems of rural areas. The study explores the social norms and perceptions surrounding traditional healing practices. A combination of qualitative approaches, participatory observations, and key informant interviews were used to collect data on healers’ practices. This approach was helpful in providing a rich description of complex belief systems. It also gave voice to voices that are rarely heard.

Traditional healers’ practices involve invasive physical torture, incantations, rituals, and medicinal substances of natural origin. These practices are performed with supernatural beliefs. They differ from modern medical practices in that they don’t deal with ailments with clear physical symptoms. These healers are able to cure spiritual diseases, black magic, and family disputes. They also cure incapacity in childbearing. They sometimes even treat patients from medical centers. Nevertheless, they are sometimes treated as disreputable practitioners. They are sometimes condemned for using deception and causing harm to other people. In fact, the government pressured them to stop using unauthorized practices.

Some traditional healers’ practices include the use of charisma to attract clients. They also attempt to make their activities more rational and soothing. They sometimes try to fix the fees for the treatment. Sometimes, they even go as far as causing harm for money. However, they rarely admit to doing so. They also sometimes use black magic or sorcery to cure illnesses. In addition, they sometimes use the reversed verses of sacred religious books to perform anti-religious work. The reversed verses of holy religious books are considered a big sin.

Spiritual healing involves communication with various sacred spirits, such as gods and ancestral spirits. Often, the spiritual healer will diagnose problems through communication with these spirits. Some healers also offer incantations to drive away evil spirits. In addition, the healer might ask the patient for a list of treatment instruments, and BDT 5-20 for a consultation. The healer might also use crystals in the prana healing process. This process helps to restore the flow of energy to the body, mind, and soul.